Meet Troyhope

TroyHope Ministry is an English-speaking Ministry affiliated with the Korean Methodist Church of Detroit in Troy, Michigan. Our congregation is a multicultural mix of God-loving people from our local communities, extended communities, and from all around the world. Some are from right next door, others were born overseas or live in or have come from elsewhere in the United States. 

All are welcome in our doors. You do not have to be of Korean descent to join us. While we are affiliated with a Korean Church, more than one third of our congregation are not of Korean descent at all. We believe this is how church should be. We'd like to see you and to meet with you, no matter your ethnicity, no matter where you are in life. We are all the church of Jesus Christ. Come, be a part of this with us. Let us rejoice in the Lord together.

Our ministry motto is "Be Disciples & Make Disciples of Jesus Christ".

TroyHope exists to exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, while reaching out and equipping all people with the purpose of fulfilling His Great Commission.

We are a gospel-based church, with a relentless passion for love of God, concern for one another, and those in our local and global communities. Educating our children to be better stewards of God's commandments is a primary goal at TroyHope. Doing good works all in God’s name, and for His glory alone is a guiding principle that we share. 

Our worship services are contemporary in nature. Come and visit us!