Pastor David Ryu has returned back to TroyHope Ministry after being away for 17 years.  God’s hand was moving in TroyHope Ministry and Pastor David Ryu’s heart to reunite and served together once again.  Although his wife Rev. Tarah Lee is still serving in Virginia at the Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington, they hope to be together in 2025.   

Pastor David and Pastor Tarah will celebrate his 33rd wedding anniversary this August.  Their son Andrew is about to graduate from Wesley Theological Seminary this May in their M.Div program.  Their daughter Kaitlin is also graduating with her Master’s degree in Education this May from Virginia Tech and will start teaching at an elementary school in Loudoun County Virginia.

Pastor David immigrated with his parents to Toronto Canada from Seoul South Korea back in 1973. He has served in the Evangelical, Presbyterian and United Methodist denomination for over 35 year.  Pastor David is now a Global Methodist Church pastor and in June of 2024 he will be an ordained Elder. 

Pastor David came to KMC of Detroit back in January of 2000 as the fulltime Jr.-Sr. high youth pastor.  In 2003, TroyHope invited Pastor David to lead their congregation and after four fruitful years with TroyHope, the Ryu family was called to KUMC of San Diego in 2007.  As a bilingual Korean Americans, both pastor David and Pastor Tarah teamed to develop English Ministries in various States and Provinces.

Pastor David is passionate about local and oversea missions and hopes to support more missionaries around the world to further God’s Kingdom.