OCTOber 02, 2022 

"Breakthrough 3 - Discontentment"               

9:30 am                                                   11:30 am


Praise Team                                          Praise Team

Opening Prayer/Announcement

Dan Park                                                 Tim Song


Scripture Reading   

Psalm 37:4; 1 Timothy6:6-10; Matthew 6:33

Patty Waynick                                        Ben Lee


Rev. Anna Moon                                           Rev. Anna Moon

Offering /Response  Benediction

Rev. Anna Moon                                           Rev. Anna Moon


  • List Item

    Next Sandwich making on Oct. 23rd and serving on Oct. 25th

  • Thank you!

    Thank you so much for donating socks & underwear last week. As a church, we collected a total of 357 socks & underwear. Thank you all!

  • HANDS WITH DETROIT on October 1st

    Thanks to many who served yesterday! 

  • Teachers are needed for Sunday School

    If you have a heart for children, we need you! Please see P. Jinny, P. David or Eugene and let them plug you into the right ministry to serve!

  • List Item

    Worship & Cell Group ministry Survey went out through email. Please check your email and participate in that survey to help with our worship and cell group ministry! Please respond by TODAY.

  • Love Team Can & Bottle Recycling Fundraiser

    Love Team is a support ministry for children & families with cognitive and physical impairment. They are collecting empty cans and bottles to recycle as a fundraiser throughout the year so please donate them in the boxes that are placed throughout the church. Please see Joe & Hyun Ok for more info.

  • Missions related

    10/2 @ 1pm Mexico Mission Review session (after 11:30am worship) in KM sanctuary

    Mission Bazaar on 10/2 on KM side - please support

    10/15 Mission Conference Sat. with Bishop Rivera and other visitors from Mexico

    6pm Dinner (only for dinner RSVP needed and pay for your meal)  

    7 pm Time with Bishop Rivera 7pm-8:30pm

    10/16 @ 9:30 am Worship - Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim from GBHEM, the General Board of Higher Education Ministry. She is a director of the Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice and also American Clinical Pastoral Education Certified Educator. 

    @ 11:30am Worship - Bishop Rivera Sunday worship for THM and Sr. High 

  • thm revival meeting october 21-23

    This includes children and youth, and KM. 

    THM Speaker: Rev. David Ryu, one of the formal THM pastors

    Friday 8pm, Sat. dinner at 6pm with worship at 8pm, Sunday at 9:30 & 11:30am

  • THM 30th & KUMC 50th anniversary celebration

    November 5th: THM - formal pastors Rev. & Mrs. Paul Lee, Rev. & Mrs. Jin Oh will be joining us. Celebration at 5pm followed by Dinner at 6pm

    November 6th: KM - Gala (Concert) at 5:30 pm and Dinner at 6:30 pm

  • Sojo gathering after 9:30am worship with Jessica in the Lobby and

    after 11:30am worship with Evan in the sanctuary

  • Sojourner's Tuesdays in-person

    Wednesday Bible Study via zoom. If interested, please see Pastor Anna for the link.

  • Saturday prayer meeting via zoom at 7 am; please see Eugene Paik for the link