NOVEMBER 28, 2021                 

"Advent 1 - Hope"

Praise                            Praise Team

Opening Prayer         Sue Lim

Announcement         Sue Lim

Scripture                       Lisa Paik

Isaiah 40:1-5; John 1:6-9

Message                       Rev. Anna Moon

Offering  &                                 

Response                             Rev. Anna Moon


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    Thanks to volunteers who served willingly and joyfully! 

    1. Decorating the Sanctuary with Christmas Tree

    2. Noah Project Sandwich making and serving

  • KKCA is looking for teachers. To be a main teacher, you need a teaching certificate. Please see Pastor Jinny if interested.

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    Annual Church Conference for this year is next Sunday Dec. 5th through Zoom with D.S. Please pray for the charge conference to be filled with much celebration as we hear reports on what the Lord has done and look forward to 2022.

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    Upcoming Special Worship: 

    Christmas Eve 12/24 at 5pm

    New Year's Eve 12/31 at 5pm

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    On Dec. 12th after worship, we will be visiting a few THM families' houses to sing outside of their homes to share love and joys in Christ! If you are interested please see Steve Chang or Eugenia Song!

  • Bible Study: On break

    Sunday Gathering: Young adults at TroyHope called Sojourners are meeting after the worship in the sanctuary.

  • On break

  • Saturday prayer meeting in-person and via zoom at 7 am.